Village out-migration


When there is in-migration to certain areas (see Map C.3), it goes without saying that the in-migrants must have migrated from somewhere.  Therefore this map presents the percentage of people who have out-migrated from each village. It should be borne in mind that the total out-migration is higher than the in-migration with some people moving abroad, but mainly with Vientiane Capital absorbing the majority of migrants within the country.

One important feature that strikes the observer of this map is that the general spatial pattern is very similar to the pattern of Map C.3. In other words, regions with high in-migration rates are generally also those regions with high out-migration rates. Rural to rural migration in the Lao PDR could therefore be interpreted as less than a process in which the population clearly moves from one part of the country to another, but rather as an exchange of people across more dynamic regions.  This leaves some areas with very little migration dynamics, whereas others face in- as well as out-migration.

Village out-migration was lowest in the northern provinces of Phongsaly, and Huaphanh, the central provinces of Khammuane and Savannakhet, and the southern provinces of Sekong and Attapeu.  However, within these provinces some areas experienced higher levels of out-migrations: the eastern district of Phongsaly and of Huaphanh provinces; the Nakhai region of Khammuane province, and some areas in Savannakhet province.  A few villages in the south had an out-migration of more than 3%; namely, villages in some eastern areas of Sekong province, in Attapeu province and along the Mekong river in Champasack province. High out-migrations can also be observed in Saravane where many villages in the province have out-migration rates greater than 3%.  In Vientiane Capital the village out-migrations occur from
the regions located outside the main municipality.

It is interesting to see that out-migration patterns are not significantly higher near the borders of neighbouring countries. Apparently, the geographical proximity of other countries does not seem to be the most crucial factor stimulating migration.




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