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Socio-economic ATLAS of the Lao PDR.

The downloadable pdf-file of the Atlas contains high-resolution maps that can be printed out in large formats

Socio-economic ATLAS of the Lao PDR. (pdf, 207 MB)



Download single sections of the ATLAS:


-         Introduction, Table of Contents (5 MB)

-        Section A: Geographical overview (37 MB)

-        Section B: General demographic characteristics (34 MB)

-        Section C: Migration (15 MB)

-        Section D: Literacy and education (27 MB)

-        Section E: Health & disabilities (15 MB)

-        Section F: Ethnicity and religion (26 MB)

-        Section G: Economic activities (25 MB)

-        Section H: Living conditions (27 MB)

-        Section I: Poverty and inequality (13 MB)




The Geography of Poverty and Inequality in the Lao PDR.

download as PDF (12 MB)