About the Institutions    

Department of Statistics (DOS), Ministry of Planning and Investment


The Department of Statistics (DOS) belongs to Ministry of Planning and Investment and is charged with the coordination of the production and the dissemination of statistics and information within the national statistical system.
It has the task of collecting, compiling, processing, analysing and reporting official statistics on the socio-economic situation within the country within various time periods.

The Department of Statistics supplies socio-economic statistics to all government organisations and various sectors, both domestic and others, who are involved in research for policy formulation, managing the socio-economic situation, setting up socio-economic development plans and analysing specific issues.
The need to depend on statistics in decision-making has increased not only in socio-economic development planning but also in follow-ups and evaluations of the national objectives such as the eradication of poverty by 2010, and freeing the Lao PDR from the status of a least developed country by 2020.
Statistics are also required in helping the Lao P.D.R. to fulfil its responsibilities within the regionalisation and globalisation frameworks.
Lao National Mekong Committee Secretariat (LNMCS), Prime Minister’s Office
The Lao National Mekong Committee (LNMC) is a governmental organisation of the Lao PDR. Its secretariat (LNMCS) is attached to the Water Resources and Environmental Administration (WREA) under the Prime Minister’s Office. The role of the LNMC is to formulate policy, strategic plans, projects and programs, related to water resources development in the Mekong River basin in order to protect the environment, to maintain an environmental balance, and to ensure community participation and development co-operation with other Mekong riparian countries, and
other countries and donors. It aims at ensuring the fruitful implementation of development projects within the territory of the Lao PDR.

Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South
The NCCR North-South is one of twenty National Centres of Competence in Research currently supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The NCCR North-South supports research on issues relating to sustainable development, particularly in developing and transition countries, but also in Switzerland. The most salient features of the program are:

North-South partnerships for scientific research
Integration of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research
Interactive exchange of development research and practice

Research conducted under the auspices of the NCCR North-South is coordinated so as to allow for policy-oriented comparative analysis of pathways and potentials for mitigating the effects of global change that hinder sustainable development.