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Paying subscriptions no longer exist, since Mountain Research and Development is now online and open access. However, readers can subscribe to the journal in 3 ways:

  • You may choose to receive an email alert whenever we publish new contents. This requires that you have a BioOne Complete account (free of charge). If you need to create one, here's how.
  • Become a Friend of MRD and support open access to the journal for a worldwide audience. Friends of MRD with a contribution of US$ 50.00 per year or more. Individual one-time donations are also welcome; substantial individual donations are acknowledged on this page.
  • Institutions interested in supporting the cause of sustainable mountain development by improving communication and exchange between the research and development communities can join the IMS as an Institutional Member. Institutional Members pay an annual membership fee of US$ 5000. They help to shape MRD editorial policy and fund special editorial support for authors from developing countries. They benefit from the possibility of using the online MRD to publish statements about their organization and mountain-related activities in MountainPlatform, on a rotating basis.


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