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Mountain Research and Development (MRD) has existed since 1981. Due to its history of different publishing arrangements, archives are accessible in different ways and from different providers. The links on the left lead directly to the various providers. Each provider offers a search function.

  • All issues since 2000 (as of Vol 20) are available online and open access at BioOne.
  • All issues from 1981 to 1999 (Vols 1–19) are available in electronic format through JSTOR. Individuals may purchase single articles and issues through JSTOR at a modest price, or access articles for free by visiting one of JSTOR's many participating institutions worldwide (universities, libraries, etc). JSTOR offers participation free of charge or at reduced fees to many not-for-profit institutions in developing countries.
  • JSTOR provides open access to abstracts of articles in Vols 1–19 and to all contents as of Vol 20.

Subscribers can receive an email notification announcing the publication of new contents. This requires that you have a BioOne Complete account (free of charge). If you need to create one, here's how.

Since 2009, MRD has been an online and open access journal. Print copies are no longer automatically produced and distributed. However, print on demand is available in various forms both for individual articles and for full issues. The MRD Editorial Office supplies printready PDF files of individual articles or entire issues including covers for delocalized printing to institutional members of the International Mountain Society upon request. Authors and readers may produce their own printouts from the downloadable PDFs available at BioOne.

A limited number of printed back issues (Vol 20–28) are still available. Price: US$ 15.00 + postage / reduced price per copy for multiple issues. They can be ordered from:


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